Teak is a species of semi-hard, oily and sustainable timber. This essence is golden brown and requires rigorous maintenance for maximum appearance. The fibers are straight and rigid, with a tight grain easy to work with and a very smooth finish. This species contains a natural oleoresin which makes it extremely resistant to the harshest climatic aggressions and gives it an extremely long time. Very durable and very good quality Teak comes mainly from India, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand and Burma, according to Variety. This shaft can be measured from 27 to 30 m and having a diameter of 1.5 m.


The IPE is a type of wood very hard, very durable and fire resistant. Dark olive brown color and it requires regular maintenance to ensure unrivaled quality of finish. This tree species from the tropical regions of South America, from Mexico to northern Argentina. This wood species, exceedingly durable, can last almost 50 years, which is unusual for wood.

Exotic wood by Patio Design inc.