Turnkey and hassle-free solution for your pool

For many inground pool owners, you reach a point in life where demolishing and replacing your pool becomes the right choice for you. It’s a complex job, but there can be a variety of reasons to do it, such as the cost and amount of upkeep, children leaving home, property renovation or buying a house with a non-regulation pool.

What to know before removing your pool

One of your top considerations is to minimize the impact around your pool, from the moment workers and machinery arrive until they leave. This is why Patio Design offers you experts in inground pool excavation and demolition, who ensure a flawless job that leaves the least trace on your yard.

Demolishing an inground pool: How does it work?

We start everything with a free rapid assessment, on how to remove your pool and guarantee a high-quality backfill (the crucial step of levelling the hole left behind). Patio Design’s team, which operates widely across Quebec, from Montreal to the North and South Shores, Montérégie, the Laurentians and Lanaudière, delivers a job that respects your property, your neighborhood, and the environment.

Rigorous professionals

With Patio Design, you benefit from professional support when it comes to analyzing the work, costs and ground response, plus any municipal regulations you need to follow.

Remember: This is an operation that requires sophisticated skills and tools, and it should not be taken lightly. When your pool was first built, it is likely that access was less obstructed by your driveway, trees, landscaping, power lines and other constraints that are in place today. We solve your problem with a constant focus on quality service and performance.

Patio Design is known for our expertise in inground pool installation. This gives our team the specialized experience to understand and measure the impacts, requirements and best strategies that come into play for state-of-the-art breaking, dismantling and backfilling of all models of inground pools.

Want to remove your inground pool? Here are the benefits of Patio Design:

  • Free quote
  • Preliminary analysis: slope, impact, practical needs
  • Fee proposal and work schedule
  • Safe, careful, dependable service
  • Qualified for pools, hot tubs, and challenges of any size
  • Neat, careful work in line with standards and regulations
  • Régie du bâtiment du Québec licence and insurance
  • High-performance equipment: hydraulic excavators, jackhammers and more
  • Team operating on North and South Shores, in Greater Montreal and widely across Quebec
  • Possibility of adding Patio Design decks and paving after removal
  • Patio Design’s turnkey client experience and signature customer service

Contact us for free answers to your questions about inground pool removal

Quote for inground pool removal

As soon as the removal is complete, the choice is yours: You can quickly add new landscaping, or you can expand your patio, put up an outbuilding, build a garage, or simply enjoy your freer view and safer yard. Maybe a new vegetable garden, too!

Removing your inground pool: 11 steps for a no-hassle job

  1. Site visit and analysis
  2. Budget proposal
  3. Work start
  4. Pool emptying
  5. Wiring, piping, and accessories removal
  6. Excavation (walls and slabs)
  7. Debris and rubble removal and transportation
  8. Professional backfill
  9. Compaction to prevent subsidence
  10. Site repair
  11. Landscaping, patio installation or start of your new projects

If you plan to remove your inground pool, eliminate the stress with our high-quality service and competitive rates, and start getting the most out of your brand-new yard!